Meditate the Holiday Stress Away

We’d like to think that the holiday season is a time to lay back, dream of sugarplums, and enjoy time with family and friends.  In reality, this enjoyment may be in short supply. With taking care of kids, holiday shopping, and other events, the holidays can be extremely stressful and take its toll on your… Read more »

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

The dark and dreary weather makes an impact on most of us in the Pacific Northwest, even the staff here at Petett, Renton Chiropractor. Do you find yourself falling into a deeper sleep at night? Sleep is integral to the better health and well-being. A good night’s rest can give our body’s time to recharge, heal, and… Read more »

Whiplash With The Foggy Weather in Washington

Last week it was extremely rainy, this week it’s extremely foggy. Washington never disappoints when it comes to fall weather! Here are 5 tips for driving in the fog and preventing whiplash and other accidents. Our Renton Chiropractic team is here to help you!

Keep Yourself Aligned This Upcoming School Year

Are you ready for this school year? We want to make sure that you’re healthy and whole so that you can succeed in your sporting events and throughout your studying this coming up year!

Renton Chiropractic — Live healthy, Be healthy

It’s not going to the gym one time that will get you in your top physical condition, it’s creating a habit of going to the gym daily that will. This can be applied to all aspects of your life. Remember, it’s the daily things you do that will determine your future self. Live healthy, be healthy.

Safe Alternative to Treating Pain

Chiropractic treatment is much more respectable than it was just ten years ago. With continual positive results and instant pain relief, it is no wonder why people are turning towards chiropractic care for help! From adjustments that lead to immediate responses to treatment courses scheduled over the course of a few months, chiropractic treatment is… Read more »

Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Knee and Leg Pain?

Many people believe that the only reason you should see a chiropractor is if you were in a terrible accident. What many people don’t realize is that a simple checkup once a week can help prevent future injuries and can have a positive influence on your life.